New Theremin Tech: Merlin Tuner

I am very excited to announce and publish a new software product! It is a theremin training tool that offers users new levels awareness and improvement for many aspects of structured theremin playing technique. Merlin Tuner!


The magic is here.

Greetings, music maker. Have you come for the magic? You do not need to look much further. It is just around the corner. A wizard awaits you. He will guide you on your quest to make new sounds.

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MIDI Merlin 2 Release Imminent!

Friends of MIDI, Realtime Pitch Tracking, Resynthesis, Theremin, Educators, Sound Designers, Performers, Very soon the software I have been working on for the past six years will finally be made commercially available. I will be making the announcement on all social media channels and Music Technology forums and Theremin related locations on the web. Stay Tuned!

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Performance – NAMM Museum

Saturday, August 26, 2017 at 7:00PM Concert @ The NAMM Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, California. Musical Voice of the Theremin, featuring Randy George, theremin; Matt Piper, guitar, bass, electronics; Kevin Yokota, drums, percussion – presented in conjunction with the Museum’s Summer of Innovation Special Exhibition.


New Video Project Posted!

New Video Project Posted!

Friends, I have some news to share, finally! I’ve created new theremin videos! It has definitely been a long wait. I wanted to thank you for your patience by sharing the whole lot at once. You can find the videos on the Video Gallery page!

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Theremin Lessons by Randy George

As of October 19 2015, I have begun teaching theremin lessons over Skype. I’m also continuing to offer lessons in person where ever I am located, where I live in Los Angeles or any city I’ll be visiting. I’m making this post primarily as an update so that everyone visiting my website can be aware of…

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MIDI Merlin on the Software Blog

Welcome to the software blog on my website. I thought I would make a special category for software related posts to make it easy to find updates for MIDI Merlin and other projects I have going on in the realm of development.