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Software Products

Merlin Tuner - Software Visual Pitch Preview

Merlin Tuner – Software Visual Pitch Preview       

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Item Detail:
Merlin Tuner – Visual Pitch Preview Display for development of precision theremin playing. Visit the Merlin-Tuner product page for more information.

Theremin Products/Services

Theremin Lessons

Theremin Lesson [In Person or via Zoom] (1hr)         

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Item Detail:
Theremin Lesson (1hr) with professional instructor thereminist, Randy George. Beginner/Intermediate theremin lessons. Purchase of this item entitles you an online booking of a lesson/session (either in person or via Zoom) of one hour in length.
Visit the Lessons Page for more information.

Product Support and Technical Services

Z Prism Support

Z Prism – Product Support         

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Item Detail:
Product Support for Z Prism Products – Online via Skype or In-Person or Custom Support arrangement
Visit the Support Page for more information.