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MIDI Merlin 2 Release Imminent!

Friends of MIDI, Realtime Pitch Tracking, Resynthesis, Theremin, Educators, Sound Designers, Performers,

Very soon, the software I have been working on for the past six years will finally be made commercially available. I will be making the announcement on all social media channels and Music Technology forums and Theremin related locations on the web. Stay Tuned!

Many people may still be wondering what MIDI Merlin is exactly. It’s a good question and one that I spent years trying to answer as consicely as possible. MIDI Merlin is a tool kit built around real-time high-resolution monophonic audio analysis. It is like a Swiss army knife for technically inclined musicians who want more from their single voice musical instruments.

Soon after the release I will be posting Introduction Videos, Tutorials, Getting Started Guides, Application Tips. Support will most likely be hosted on KVR Forums when the user base gets big enough.

Huge Thanks go to everyone I know who has been supporting me on the sidelines as I complete this monstrous solo project. While it started out as a labor of love, reality struck hard as I realized that producing a commercial product requires a turn key zero-hassle customer experience. With great power comes great responsibility.

MIDI Merlin is finally coming out of the magical realm of Sorcerers, Wizards and Warriors and into the hands of creative electronic musicians.

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