Randy George is one of a small handful of the world’s finest theremin performers. Having appeared as theremin soloist, chamber artist, studio player, lecturer and video maker, Randy has created waves in the awareness and advancement of the space controlled instrument. His YouTube videos featuring the theremin have been viewed over 21 million times. He has worked with among others: Danny Elfman, John Massari, Bleeding Fingers Music, Hollywood Symphony, Santa Monica Symphony, Dilijan Chamber Music, Gaudete Brass, Lines West, Moon Honey, SUNY Fredonia School of Music, Polytechnic University of Valencia Fine Arts, Chapman University Music.


Randy holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of North Texas College of Music where he studied bassoon performance, music theory, and live sound recording arts. Following university study, a career shift to film music post production led him to Los Angeles where he worked for music products industry leader Avid M-Audio. During the brief stint as technical events specialist, surrounded by musical instruments and technology, fate ran its course and Randy was introduced to the theremin, which naturally bridged his passions for technology, problem solving and music.


Adjacent to his work in performing arts, Randy has dedicated himself to the development of technology assisted music performance tools. His most notable projects include interfaces for real-time resynthesis of musical instruments, wearable data control devices for computer augmented music performance, and gesture sensing interfaces for motion controlled system automation.


Randy George resides in Los Angeles and performs worldwide.