This page hosts a collection of videos and tips for installation and handling of the Performer Case. The videos do not contain any explanation or audio. Please read the text captions for accompanying info.

After replacing the (6) Pan head machine screws with the included (6) low profile Truss head machine screws, the ContinuuMini can be installed into the Performer case. The instrument fits very firmly into place. The top surface of the ContinuuMini should be even with the rim of the inner wall.
To close up the case, the lid fits easiest when aligning one end of both the base and lid and allowing the second end to come together naturally. The lid will have a firm fit when the case is new, but will loosen slightly over time as the foam lining compresses after a few months of use.
To open the case, the lid is easiest to remove by using two hands and separating the base and lid from one end. The opposite end will naturally follow.
To remove the Haken ContinuuMini from the Performer Case with hands only, it is necessary to learn a technique. This is a front to back rocking motion (shimmying) using two hands and a firm grip. One hand stabilizes the case, while the other hand performs the alternating front to back motion.
The ContinuuMini can also be removed from the case using (2) fabric ribbon loops (included), that can be installed prior to loading the instrument to the case. The loops can be secured to the ContinuuMini from its underside using two small strips of double sided tape. This method of removal is quicker and easier, but it means the fabric loops will be visible when the case is open.