Answers to some common Questions about the Performer Case

How secure is the ContinuuMini when installed into the case?

When the instrument is installed, it is secured by friction fit along its two long sides. The interior walls are made of EVA foam which compresses slightly when the ContinuuMini is loaded. This means a performer can wear the case without any worry that it will come loose mid-performance.

How do you remove the ContinuuMini from the case after it has been installed?

There are two methods of removing the instrument from the form fit case. The quick method involves fitting the two (included) fabric loops to the ends of the ContinuuMini (when loading into the case) in order to easily lift the instrument out. The other method is a bit slower and involves a special “shimmying” technique using hands only, but does not require any wires or additional hardware.

How heavy is the case?

It is roughly the same weight as the ContinuuMini by itself. Accessories will add more weight, depending on the cables, battery bank, and portable speaker added to the harness system.

Can the case sustain a fall from x meters?

It is recommend to treat the case of your instrument case with the same level of care as the instrument inside it. No drop tests were conducted for obvious reasons. The case will protect the ContinuuMini from getting scratched, dented, and scuffed if it is accidentally dropped. The side walls of the case (when lid is fitted) are two layers of 3mm birch plywood and 1 layer of 2mm EVA Foam. The top and bottom of the case are both 1 layer of 3mm birch plywood.