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The next iteration of MIDI Merlin, version 2.0, is currently in beta testing phase. The final price of a non-commercial license will be 50USD. A commercial license will be 80USD. Academic Licensing TBD. Pre-ordering your license today, will give you access to the latest beta as well as the final version when it is released. For pre-orders, please use the contact form HERE or contact me via email at: midimerlin [at] randygeorgemusic [dot] com.

The previous free version of MIDI Merlin version 1.02 is no longer available.

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a few Screenshots of Version 2.0 currently in development:

MMv2devScreen1 MMv2devScreen2 MMv2devScreen3 MMv2devScreen4

MIDI Merlin extends the capabilities of monophonic instruments. It is a standalone realtime pitch tracking software application with a unique combination of output options, controller mapping, visual feedback and interactivity. It can be used with acoustic or electronic input sound sources as well as non-realtime sound file playback.

In one configuration, MIDI Merlin can be a used for interacting with hardware and software MIDI devices. In another configuration, it can be utilized as an ear-training aid to improve relative pitch acuity. In yet another configuration, it can be used as a real-time low latency 1:1 audio to MIDI conversion utility for use in live performance contexts. Further possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

The software was originally developed to be used with theremin, but it can also work well with other instruments including wind, strings, guitars, and voice.  MIDI Merlin comes equipped with a flexible preset storage system, that allows entirely different configurations to be saved, recalled very easily. It is possible to change all program parameters with a single click.

The key features of MIDI Merlin are:

– Real-time Monophonic Audio to MIDI
– Note Quantized and 1:1 Output Modes
– Interactive Visual Feedback
– Custom Note Palette Editor
– MIDI Control of Software Functions
– Integrated Synthesizer with Custom Wave Editor
– Continuous Output of Pitch Bend and or Note-on/off Messages
– Multiple 14-bit Control Change Message Outputs
– Wii Remote Function Mapping Window
– Custom Preset Management

There are also an assortment of additional tools included in MIDI Merlin that can be used for automation, sound exploration and interactivity. These include the Range Sweeper (automated note palette sweep), Wii Remote mappings for continuous functions (for building custom Wii Remote MIDI Instruments), and the Live Palette Function (for external real-time MIDI control of the note palette).

The entire application was authored in the Cycling’74 Max 6.1 environment. Pitch tracking is made possible by the sigmund~ external originally authored by Miller S. Puckette. The polyphonic synthesizer is based on Pluggo Bassline created by Cycling’74.

The MIDI Merlin Project Page on the Cycling74 website:

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