Download MIDI Merlin

The application will run in a feature limited demo mode until authorized and unlocked with a license key.

Additional Downloads

MIDI Merlin MacOS Launcher – If updating from a version of MIDI Merlin prior to v2.0.2, users of MacOS 10.13 High Sierra will need to run this Launcher once prior to the first launch of v2.0.2. The MIDI Merlin 2 app will launch normally afterwards.  

The Launcher app addresses a file permissions issue preventing user interface elements from initializing at startup. Insure that the MIDI Merlin 2 folder is located in the main Applications folder on the MacOS system before running the Launcher app.

Release History

Changes in 2.0.2:

  • – added keystroke [Shift-W] for restoring default window locations
  • – updated help descriptions for toggles/menus that can be stored as profile launch defaults
  • – fixed application profile [mmapf] drag/drop import functionality for the main window
  • – fixed undefined UI elements displayed upon application launch on macOS 10.13 High Sierra

Changes in 2.0.1:

  • – corrected main window keyboard interface note feedback in when tracking in all modes
  • – corrected Note-On Function behavior in all modes when note and velocity values are routed internally via keyboard interface or externally via application remote
  • – fixed Note-On Function failing to trigger Merlin Synth in 1:1 monophonic synth mode
  • – fixed keyboard interface grey note indicator disappearing when mousing over inactive keys in custom Note Palettes
  • – added a XY Cursor Controller to stream continuous Note and Velocity values from main screen cursor position
  • – added Profile Launch settings for Ribbon Mode and Live Palette feature
  • – fixed external Program Change messages not working on newly modified profiles
  • – fixed initial Program Change message occasionally failing to output on profile launch when enabled
  • – added progress meter for downloading updates within the app